Theme of 2017: AMPLIFY the Positive in Education through GID

Excellent Educators! We need good news! 

Guided Inquiry Design is part of the good in education that is happening across the country in many schools. With GID students K-12 are engaged, thinking critically, asking great questions, digging deeper into their research, and creating amazing products to share that learning with others. Just read some posts on this blog as examples!

But, unfortunately, we don’t often get to hear this message about the best things happening in our public schools.

With the national conversation on education highlighting some negative rhetoric, our very own president labeled  our educational system as:

“an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge” Donald Trump, Inaugural address 2017

We need to amplify the excellent work that you are doing in our public schools.

Doing the good work with our students in our schools is part of our action, but now it’s just not enough.

So, I am asking for your help. We need to flood the networks with all our examples of GID and the impact its having on our students. This is not as much about Guided Inquiry as it is about schooling in the US. If we want to shift the narrative to a positive we have a responsibility to take action and show every example of great learning in US public schools as we can.

We need to amplify this positive message about the good in education.  GID is a best practice having a very positive impact on student learning and critical thinking everywhere it is being implemented. Do you agree? How is it having a positive impact on learning at your school? On your professionalism? For your students?

Just like Heather Locklear showed us back in the 80’s…

Just tell two friends…



But more than telling two friends- we can amplify the positive messages about learning through social media.

How can you help? 1.2.3

  1. Sign up for a week on our GID blog. Three short posts is all you have to do.
  2. Use your facebook account to share good news. Tag Guided Inquiry Design and I’ll help you to amplify your message to a larger audience there.
  3. Use your twitter account to share the great things happening in your school everyday. When GID is part of it, tag @InquiryK12 and I will help you amplify. Share photos, and short examples like this.
  4. Make presentations to your local Board of Ed about your work and share with your local newspapers about the positive outcomes of GID in your school

People want good news, let’s give it to them! Won’t you join us in this effort to share the world class education we provide our students everyday, and how GID is helping you to do that?

Start by taking action, today.

Thank you!

Leslie Maniotes, PhD

Co-Creator of Guided Inquiry Design


PS Here are some Tools to help you Amplify your message:

Twitter tips for AMPLIFYING.

  • ALWAYS tag your twitter posts with hashtags. Hashtags work to amplify your message to a much larger audience. Your post will reach other educators beyond your followers to more people interested in education.
  • Some hashtags you can use:
    • #inquiry #edchat #FutureReady #education #inquirybasedlearning #edtech #tlchat

Further Reading: Read these posts for more ideas about education hashtags:

Haven’t signed up for a twitter account yet?

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