Gen Z and GID

In the last couple of years, some of my teacher-friends have made comments like: “I’m having a hard time reaching this group this year;” “All my usual tricks aren’t working;” “I don’t know why I’m just not connecting with my 7th period class.” These statements were said by teachers across different content areas, all experienced and excellent at their craft, the sort of teachers I would hand-select for my own child.

Then, I came across an article in Forbes titled How Generation Z is Shaping the Change in Education, and then I read some more about Gen Z, and then it all clicked! Our education community has worked hard to meet the needs of the Millennial generation. Afterall, Millennials have been studied more than any other generation (Sparks & Honey). However, there has been a shift in generations for the students who are currently attending our classrooms, generally born between 1996 and 2010, and they are very different from Millennials. As I read about Gen Z’s key characteristics and learning styles, I couldn’t help but think about GID and how it facilitates student-led inquiry, which is exactly the learning style Gen Zs prefer. Considering the social, political, and economic influences that have shaped Gen Zs, it is no wonder they are innovative, industrious, collaborative and entrepreneurial. One of our students – and maybe some of yours – already has her own foundation to provide blankets for homeless children. GID allows students to master relevant tasks with real-world connections. It invites students to solve problems and find solutions, to collaborate with a partner or an entire community. GID encourages opportunities for self-discovery and hands-on learning throughout its phases. It instinctively makes the student part of the learning process.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and experiences with you this week. Best of luck to you as you continue to engage our students through inquiry!

Christie Gudowski

Reagan High School, San Antonio, TX

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  1. What a great connection to our learners! I believe this – student engagement sky rockets with GID and all kids deserve acces to learning that captures their curiosities! Thanks for this! I followed on Twitter too! Thank you Christine! Great posts!

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