52 week Challenge is growing


A little update on our progress…

Our challenge is growing in membership.  We have already 20 people signed up for 20 weeks.  I will be taking the first weeks to set everything up.

Here are some stats to show how we are shaping up! We have a great well rounded group with all levels K-University represented, new people to Guided Inquiry, some who have been at it for years.  We also have teachers, librarians and district level leaders!  This is great! Here’s the breakdown.

We have 4 educators from the elementary setting! 4 from middle school and 4 at the high school level! How did that happen?  We also have 2 people in district level library positions so we’ll get some systems perspective. We have 2 people in academics who are getting their PhD and including Guided Inquiry in that work, one is from the US and the other from Finland! We also have one university lecturer from Australia who weaves GID into her university courses on library science and is going to share her community blog of GID in Australia with us!

Twitter –Here is a list of all participants’ twitter handles (so far)-

Follow these folks as well as @52_GID & me @lesliemaniotes

People with a * next to their twitter name have participated in the 3 day Guided Inquiry Design Institute.  They have had a high quality training in the Design either at CiSSL or in their district, led by me!

* @anitacellucci@libraryWHS *@thebossysister *@MrsDanner_72 *@JALibrarian *@paigemholden *@StacyFord77 *@kelseymbarker @jluss *@patrice4books *@krayz4libraries @marc_crompton @kujawaIBLibrary @leefit @librariansal @aholmes1517 @TeachingMuse @donnalynnyoung @bloomingcherry @SLAdvocacy

US States represented (so far!)- Maryland, Wisconsin, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, Texas and Nebraska.

Countries– (so far!) US,Canada, Finland, Australia

Here’s a sneak peek into some exciting things participants are talking about-

“I am excited to share how engaged our students are in the process and how we have modified it to align with the curriculum and the needs of special education students.” @paigemholden

“I am now researching how Instructional Technology can foster GID and what the implications are for education as a whole.” @aholmes1517

“As a librarian, co-teacher and collaborator, I have the opportunity to expose content area teachers to the idea of Guided Inquiry and help them plan and implement Guided Inquiry Units. I hope to share information about a Guided Inquiry plan being implemented in 6th grade Language Arts classes, as well as how you can use the process to meet the needs of all teachers and students.” @thebossysister

“I am researching the national comprehensive school core curriculum in Finland and the information literacy perspective. There is a core curriculum change going on in Finland and problem as well as phenomenon based learning are the strong features. I have been promoting school/library collaboration in Finland and Guided Inquiry is the method I have been talking about.” @bloomingcherry

“We are just beginning to implement Guided Inquiry, but our pockets of inquiry projects are getting a lot of attention! I’m constantly hearing “when do WE get to do that?!” from both students and teachers. I love creating GI units that integrate as many subject areas as possible — in particular, I try to integrate literacy, as it is the biggest part of our students’ day.” @kelseymbarker

Stay tuned!  There’s much more on the way!

Keep on Questioning!




  1. Juniors and Seniors have been following GI for their National History Day Projects. We are coming down the stretch and are at the Create stage. They are thinking and communicating about learning more than ever. Looking forward to seeing the next 2 stages

    1. Wonderful Kathy! Will you sign up to take a week to reflect with us about this work? Maybe once students share you can blog some links to student projects? We’d love for you to participate in this challenge with us! Here’s the link to sign up! http://goo.gl/forms/1Oyb0YUJys

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