Researching to Understand – Science Fair Continued

Gather – Becoming informed about my topic so I can design a meaningful experiment Once the students determined their personal interest within the fields of science and within a specific

Covid conditions forced us to reach beyond the school brick and mortar

“We were originally going to ask upper level content area teachers to support our seventh graders to research their areas of interest, but nobody had any extra time or energy

Team work makes the dream work: Science Expert Mentors via ZOOM

Many educators are happy to teach in a silo- “Just leave me alone to do my thing!” they say, as they close the classroom door.   Not so with GId.

The Science Fair- It’s not always science, and it’s not always fair…

Today’s post is a reflection on the Boston Latin School (BLS) GId Science Fair unit by the librarian, Susan Harari.  Thank you for this contribution. “It’s not always science and

Uncertainty is Worth the Pain

Uncertainty isn’t easy on any of us.  But it’s the challenge of digging deep that is part of why this kind of learning has a lasting impact on our students.

GId helped EVERY student identify an area of interest for research

Equity is important in public schools in the US.  Educators want all students to have an equal opportunity to have high quality learning experiences. The science fair is often a

Structures for Immersing Students to Identify an Interest for Science Projects

In the this post, science teacher Courtney Garside describes how the Open and Immerse phases of Guided Inquiry were developed to help students see the science in their everyday lives,

GId Opens Up Space for Addressing Science Misconceptions

Boston Latin School Middle School Science Fair was redesigned this year using GId.  The Learning Team found some great benefits to doing so.  One was that the teachers saw students

Inquiry Creates a Community

We’re continuing to describe the Boston Latin Science Fair and how GId transformed the design in ways that made a big impact on student learning.  Today we’ll be talking about

More Time in the Beginning of the Process Really Paid Off

Today on the blog is Courtney Garside, BLS Science Teacher- talking about how GId provided the roadmap they needed to structure the learning so students would find and stick with