From Down Under to North Europe!

What could be a better way to start this sunny but cold leap day than with a gigantic leap from South to North! I have been reading earlier posts this

Blog Post 4: A week in the life of a Guided Inquiry practitioner in India

This is a tale of one enormous parcel, cancelled planes, mice, an elephant and Guided Inquiry Background: Since 2007, I’ve visited Loreto Panighatta many times to work on establishing a

The Down Under Devil’s Advocate: Ten ways to derail a Guided Inquiry

Greetings from a Sydney heatwave – It’s over 40 degrees again! I think I’ve been involved in enough Guided Inquiries now to know ten easy ways to make the unit

More from Down Under – a little research

Does Guided Inquiry enhance learning and metacognition? In 2014, I moved from being Head Teacher Librarian at Loreto Kirribilli, a Catholic independent secondary school in Sydney, Australia, to my present

Teacher Librarians forever!

Greetings from Sydney, Australia, on a hot, hot day.  It’s 40 degrees today, and very humid.  40 degrees centigrade is your 100 degrees fahrenheit.  The ceiling fan is on overdrive,

The best decision?

What’s the most transformative decision I made this year? I’d have to say it was offering a 2 hour PD during the summer to introduce interested faculty to Guided Inquiry

A high school math inquiry project

The email started like many we receive: What dates are the library computers available to bring down classes for research? We check the schedule and start to email a response

Greetings from Kentucky

At school, I’m known by students in a variety of ways: One of the friendly librarians (at my school we are fortunate enough to have 2!), the teacher who got

E is for…

If you’ve read my other posts, you can probably guess which direction I’m going with this one.  It’s the direction I’m always trying to go- towards student engagement (that’s what

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

So, here is when we decided it was time to come clean with our classes- we’re going to write a research paper (which was not a decision we arrived at