Guided Inquiry Design Integrated with 3D Science and Storylines

Lisa Pitts, Fifth Grade Science/ STEM educator at  Oakdale Public School, Edmond, OK

What does learning look like in your classroom? This is tough to answer, as instruction and student engagement morph from year to year and class to class.  As a Science and STEM educator from Edmond, Oklahoma, and 24 years of classroom instruction under my belt, you’d think I’d have all the answers by now.  Ha!

As teachers, we strive to see that spark, that excitement, that “ah-ha” moment from our students.  It gets us excited! How do we get there in a constantly changing world?

This summer, I was selected to attend the Teachers Innovator Institute in Washington, DC. (You should apply for Summer 2020- it’s amazing!) Leslie Maniotes, the author of Guided Inquiry Design: A framework for inquiry in your school, spent the day with us.  How incredible is that! She took us through the process of Guided Inquiry Design, what it would look like in our classroom, and how to make it work for our students.  It changed my teaching! More on that tomorrow…

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