GId helped EVERY student identify an area of interest for research

Equity is important in public schools in the US.  Educators want all students to have an equal opportunity to have high quality learning experiences.

The science fair is often a time where we see great inequities in school.  When projects are sent home with the students and they are left to fend for themselves, its copy and paste or brilliant parents do the work.  These are of course exaggerations of the extremes, but this often happens. Not so in this unit.

One big reason this team wanted to use GId was to ensure that every student identified an interesting topic for deeper research.  In these videos veteran science teacher Raquel Jacobson Peregrino describes how it played out – curiosity, equity and identifying their interest.  It is fantastic what they were able to accomplish with GId.  As it should be.


Leslie Maniotes, PhD

Author of Guided Inquiry Design

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