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Some of our HOT questions are:
*What in the atmosphere controls the amount of snowfall? Is there a way to manipulate it and change the snowfall?
*How can we manipulate the rock cycle to from a different type of rock? Can we classify rocks even better than 3 categories, and then their name? Are changes in the Earth and atmosphere, such as global warming affecting the formation of rocks?
*Why does blood turn red when it hits oxygen. How do blood cells compare to the typical animal cell?
*What effect does the axis of the moon have on marine life? Do the tides control how some marine life behave?
*What does fluorine, a gas, have that makes it protect teeth when it is added to water?
*Why is Mars more humid than Mercury if Mercury is the closest planet to the sun?

MATTER Group (we didn’t have time to post yesterday.)

After getting through the Immerse and explore stages, we moved on to our create stage in which we finalized our HOT questions. I really loved that we could find something that we wondered about and wanted to learn more about. My partner and I are working on Matter since that consists of everything in the universe. I thought, “okay, this will be easy,” but it wasn’t. I searched through tons of resources, and cites and it was difficult to focus on one thing since I wondered about everything I saw. I was feeling overwhelmed, so I asked Mrs. Reinagel if I could change my topic to space. She said I could, but that she had an idea that she thought I would love and it was a compromise. She gave me some resources that had to do with “dark matter,” and asked me to skim to see if there was an I wonder in there. While researching, I couldn’t wait to share everything I was learning! I was amazed at how interesting it was, I came up with a HOT question right away. My question is, “how does dark matter compare to matter on Earth? What does it have to do with preventing or causing the universes recollapse?” I never thought I would have so much fun on such a challenging project! Gabe

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