Day 4: Questioning and Research cont.

Today we are working on our H.O.T questions! We had to think really
hard and Mrs. Reinagel had to ok it. We had to research
and answer our question. My favorite part was researching. It was exciting and informative. I learned a lot of different facts that I
didn’t know, like Uranium is a Fossil Fuel.


Hi! My name is Payten and I am on team CELLS(yeah!)with Alexandra! In today’s Guided Inquiry, we explored through stages 4-5, and to be honest, it wasn’t a walk in the park.
We had to gather up information from day 1 and then see what we were confused and questioning about, and then form it into a higher ordered thinking question, and now everyone is doing research to answer their question. And we had to do that in one sitting! (lol,lol) So, today was pretty hard, but my class is the class that takes on challenges and we can’t wait for what’s next!!:)

-Payten J.

Hello there! My name is Ayden Campbell and I am in the WEATHER group. Today we have been finishing up our HOT questions for our science guided inquiry! Most of us are finished thinking of a question and are researching, while a few are still working on a question to blow Mrs. Reinagel’s mind! But we are still working very hard! Doing this is very fun, and it is still not over yet! We have to see what tomorrow brings! But I bet it is better than today! Well, that is all for today! I hoped you enjoyed this blog! Goodbye!

-Ayden C.

Hi my name is Erica, my partner is Joelvic. Today we came up with tough questions. I picked rocks and the rock cycle and how they form. My “journey” to make a tough question was difficult because it couldn’t be an ordinary question it had to be a H.O.T question. Our teacher was picky about it. We had to get it just right (sorry Mrs. Reinagel!). It took a while because we had some question that made no sense. Also some were so easy they could be answered without research!If you were us you would be exhausted. We continue the search to find an answer to our question!Hope to see you soon!

-Erica S.\ Joelvic D.

Hi my name is Lexi, my partner is Katina we have moved on to step 4 and 5 in GID, we skimmed through sites to find something we wanted to learn more about based on our topics then we formed our hot fun thing we did was skimming threw are resources. One bad thing about making our HOT questions was coming up with one. I made connections while researching like how every planet is named after a Roman God, or how the moon has water vapor signatures on it. It’s exciting learning this way, we like it a lot. -Lexi

Hi this is Madison, Simran, and Gabby again from Mrs. Reinagel’s 5th grade class. We want to share our journey making our H.O.T questions. The things we liked about them was that we got to choose our main interest for our topic. Some things I didn’t like about it was how after you made the question, if it was not deep enough you would have to redo your question. It was kind of difficult to think of the questions, but we made it. I hope you are enjoying going through our difficult, but fun journey with us.

-Madison L.\ Simran G.\ Gabby R.


  1. HI Mrs Reinagles class. sounds like you’ve been working hard… Can anyone tell me what a HOT question is? We don’t know that terminology!

    Glad you are all toughing it out! The deepest learning is not without some struggle, so I’m glad that you are working through it all together.

    I think you may be confusing Identify with Create though… Identify is where you determine the direction of your research – your question. Then you Gather information on those questions and THEN CREATE something to share what you learned with your classmates and others! 😀 Keep enjoying the journey and do explain what HOT questions are! Thanks!
    Leslie Maniotes (Author of Guided Inquiry Design)

    1. Hello, we did have the two confused, we were in our Create stage. HOT questions are Higher Order Thinking. We can’t use yes or no, or things that can be researched or answered with just a little thinking. We have to have questions that make us think and explore to answer them.

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