End of the Week Reflections

This is my last post on 52 Weeks of Guided Inquiry.  I hope that it has been of some use to others.  It has been fun to think/write about GID

GID – The St. George’s Experience

In my last post, I gave you some context as to what my school is about and how I came to become a GI disciple.  Today, I’d like to get

Schedule of Weeks

This is SO exciting!  Our blog sharing begins this Sunday. Here’s an update on the weeks to come. Below is our schedule from January through July. You will notice that we

5 ways Guided Inquiry gets results for learners

Inquiry based learning, What is it? Inquiry is generally considered as a formalized asking or an investigation through questioning. Research is the means by which we can systematically answer these

52 week Challenge is growing

Hello! A little update on our progress… Our challenge is growing in membership.  We have already 20 people signed up for 20 weeks.  I will be taking the first weeks

What is Guided Inquiry Design?

Guided Inquiry is a growing inquiry based model and complete approach to learning.  I’ve been leading training in Guided Inquiry since 2007.  This training  is not only a training to learn about