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Hi, my name is Katina and my partner is Lexi our topic is Space. We chose space because we want to find out what’s beyond our world. During Immersion we looked at some resources about different planets and how many moons were orbiting each one. Then we started making connections like how Jupiter looks like quartz, and how Neptune looks like an ocean.

My group(Gabby, Simran, and Madison) chose to learn more about Oceans. There is a lot to know with oceans, and we are interested in going deeper with our learning. One connection we all made was that we live about 10 min from the ocean so we should try to know all we can about it.

Hi! My name is Alexandra! I am in Mrs. Reinagel’s 5th# grade class! I am doing cells for my Guided Inquiry. I am doing this with Payten. I did cells because I LOVE cells! We first reviewed what we knew about cells. For example, did you know plant cells decay in the ground once the plant dies? Afterwards, we found new info. For example, chloroplast allows photosynthesis to occur. We can’t wait to do our H.O.T question and make a project for it!

My group is (Alexis.C, Sara.P, Jon, Ayden, Sarah G)and we are in Mrs.Reinagel’s 5th# grade class. Our topic is weather. I chose weather because it is interesting to me and I would like to know more about how storms form. Some connections we made we about lightning and how it can start fires and be dangerous.


  1. It’s wonderful to hear that you all are choosing topics that interest you. In Guided Inquiry Design, we take quite a bit of time to learn about our topic before we decide upon the thing we will do our project on. Is that what you all are doing now? Immerse is the phase where you learn a lot about it, so that you can ask even better questions. And Explore is the phase where you do some research to find out what you are interested in. THEN you identify your question and after that really focus in to gather the information related to your particular question. Is that what you are doing?
    I am hearing you tell about some specific information that is making you think and wonder, which is really excellent. I hope this inquiry gets you to go beyond what you know into new territories. To do that you have to have an inquiry stance- meaning that you continue to wonder… I’d love to hear how you are wondering about what you are investigating. Let us know some questions that are arising for you as you Immerse and Explore!
    Happy inquiring!
    Leslie Maniotes
    Author of Guided Inquiry Design

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, we spent a lot of time skimming and looking are resources that may have interest for us. We did create our questions today with the create phase. It was challenging, but we were proud when we accomplished it.

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